Winter tires

Winter Tires - Why you should have them

We recommend winter tires to all our customers

Why should you have a set for the winter and a separate set for summer?
The answer isn’t because we want to see you spend more money. Truly, something most people don’t understand is that Tires are made differently, and specifically for the road conditions in a certain area at different times of the year. Winter tires are made to improve traction, stopping and handling. The compounds used in the rubber for winter tires allow them to:

  • remain flexible in cold weather, and
  • have better traction on ice, slush and snow.

After the temperature dips below 7°C winter tires are the safest option for Canadian winters. Not only do we want to keep our customers safe all year round, but we also want them to keep themselves and their families safe. Keep in mind, we are talking about one of the key components between you and the road. We all know the road conditions this winter will not be ideal. At any given time you could be caught out in a storm, or on roads that still haven’t cleared. Think ahead, and be prepared. That’s why we have partnered with manufacturers to sell products to meet different needs.

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