COVID-19 Statement

At this time we remain open.
Automotive mechanics are deemed essential during this pandemic, and as such we will remain open and serving our customers.
To ensure the safety of our clients and our staff we ask that no more than two customers be in our office space at any one time, to adhere to the social distance policy from the Department of Health.

In an effort to remain as sanitary as possible we will be wearing protective gloves and face masks. If we deem it necessary, we will apply sanitizing solutions to the areas we will be performing work.

Further, to assist our customers, during this period, as long as it is feesible to do so, we will also offer a vehicle pick-up service. Please ask about this while booking your appointment.

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8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Drop-Off your vehicle at or before 8:00am and use our drop-off box for your keys. Our technicians begin their day at 8:00am if you need to speak to one about the issue with your vehicle.

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Whether routine maintenance, or your vehicle needs servicing, contact us and we can have the work completed by one of our trained technicians.

No need to worry about your vehicle warranty, we are trained to perform warranty services as well.

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