Is Your Air Conditioning Working?

Is it time for an Air Conditioning tune-up (Hebb's Automotive)

When you turn on your air conditioning (AC) to max, it actually is recirculating the air inside your car. Our technicians know you want to flip on the AC in your car and immediately feel a nice cool breeze chilling the inside of your vehicle. One thing to help that process along is to set your AC at its lowest setting, and crack the back windows slightly.

We guarantee that in the summer months, it’s cooler outside your car than inside. Give your cooling system a break and let it cool the outside air for the first 5 minutes when you turn it on, then you can switch to the maximum setting. Cracking the back windows slightly allows the heavier, cooler air to push out the lighter hot air to help reach a chilled temperature sooner.

Now, if you turn on your AC and it is still blowing hot after a few minutes, that might be a sign you need service. Most AC systems in vehicles are made up of these five main parts:

  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Receiver dryer or accumulator
  • Orifice tube or expansion valve
  • Evaporator

Your AC system also has hoses and refrigerant charging ports. So, if it’s not cooling correctly, then it is likely that something is amiss in one of these main parts. Our technicians can use dye to determine if there is a leak and precisely where it is. We will also check all the major components for wear and erosion, and to ensure all are working properly.

So, before the hot weather arrives, take few minutes to schedule an appointment to have your system checked out, and hey, why not get the oil changed, too.